SmarterChaos Roll Call – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About…Our Chief of Chaos

SmarterChaos Roll Call – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About…Our Chief of Chaos

Continuing with our summer blog series, SmarterChaos is introducing key team players with 10 Things You Should Know.

Here are 10 things you should know about Matt Frary, CEO and co-founder of SmarterChaos.

1.  Starting SmarterChaos has been pretty cool, and maybe even a close second to marrying my beautiful wife.  One of the most exciting days on the job was reaching a point where we, as the official founders, began hiring great folks and moved into our current office location.  At our current growth rate, we might be needing an office move soon.

2.  Self-proclaimed party starter – when I walk into a room at a large party, most times I am asked to tap the keg!

3.  Launching SmarterChaos has taught me so much in regards to my work life – most importantly, work for your purpose, and focus on your happiness.

4.  Every kid wants to be a Super Hero when they grow up – admit it.  Well, now that I am officially a grown up, if I could be a Super Hero I would be Captain BS (BullSchnit).  I would have the power to see through other people’s BS and fight against those who try to BS others.

5.  I am not going to lie, the guys at Dollar Shave Club have some pretty funny advertisements.  They crack me up every time I watch them!

6.  My last trip I went on – well, everyday is a trip at SmarterChaos.  But sipping a Mai Tai on the beaches of Hawaii was pretty amazing last year.

7.  I am a happy dude.  But, I will get angry when I see someone preying on people just trying to do good.  Do not mistake kindness for weakness.  I’ll come at you like a spider monkey all jacked up on Mountain Dew.

8.  Listen up marketing affiliates – here is my one piece of advice for you.  Become invaluable and you will always be paid well.  Build a content rich environment that will drive sales in a way that advertisers can’t do for themselves.

9.  Giving out even more advice…advertisers for marketing affiliates, it is so important that you target, execute, measure.  Test everything, but fail first.

10.  Finally, of course I think working at SmarterChaos is pretty rewarding, but what makes it so awesome is the people.  Our team is the best team in Affiliate Marketing, and our Advertisers are the best online.  If we don’t invest in or people or work with those we respect, our bi-product will be crap.  We have to believe in those around us, given them enough reigns to be successful, and just enough rope to hang themselves.  We are only as good as the closest five people around us.

Matt enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Chief of Chaos taking a break to enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains.