We’ve come a long way from dial-up, baby.

We understand trends

and we capitalized

90's - 2000's

Start-up Frenzy

We participated start-up frenzy of late 90’s through the .com crash of 2000.

eBags | Kickstart.com


e-Everything Era

The era of the “e-Everything” – rebuilding of the internet after .com crash. No Facebook. Google was the only option.

Driveup.com (bought out by Microsoft) | Flash websites | Mercedes Benz – branding exercise


Rise of Social Networks

Rise of social networks, lead gen, cpa world, wild west of digital marketing, surveys galore.

ROI Rocket


The Age of Subscriptions

The age of subscriptions, boxes, revenues, bloggers, influencers, FB marketing.

SmarterChaos | DollarShave Club | Fab Fit Fun | SheIsMedia


The Digital Revolution

Business will increasingly depend on the IOT and AI.