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An industry visionary in Affiliate, Digital and Influencer Marketing, Matt speaks at local, national and global industry events. Topics he covers include: influencer marketing, digital marketing, affiliate networks, branding, social media, business leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Digital Entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur, Matt has successfully launched several companies and he currently oversees five of them, including SmarterChaos, She Is Media, Webfluential U.S., Elite Media Partners, DealTaker and SmartDog Marketing. As an entrepreneur, Matt’s personal mottos are “Make It Happen” and “Always Be Hustling.”

Thought Leadership

Affiliate and Influential Marketing? He has written countless articles, some featured in Forbes Magazine, (read here and here) as well as The Top 10 Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing and The 7 Secrets of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Make it happen. Always be hustling.



ENTREPRENEUR INSIGHT: Want to know my “Why?

Why after 20 years in Affiliate Marketing are you starting a blog or a personal brand? 20 years of "grinding" and "hustling."  20 years of working in Affiliate Marketing.  The question is, "Why am I still doing this after so many years?"  Why would I put up a website...

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